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 Engineering & production I&R 400hZ

Since 2009 "Lyon Airports" has followed a programme of extending its passenger terminals to the south of the Platform, with the lengthening of the existing Terminal 1. The first stage of this extension included the creation of Terminal 3 for the low-cost and charter flights. The project concerns the internal refurbishment and the modification of certain facades of the present Terminal 3, the construction of a remote satellite terminal on the airport apron, and the construction of an underground tunnel linking the remote terminal with the refurbished Terminal 3. Within the group framework constituted and headed by GCF Construction, Cap Ingelec is responsible for the design and works monitoring for the strong & weak current works batches as well as SSI (Fire safety) coordination. Cap Ingelec is also responsible for the turnkey 400hZ distribution from the TGBT (Main low-voltage panel) to the 10 aircraft positions. The 400hZ distribution will be ensured by introduction of 10 generators with a unit power of 90 kVA installed close to the users.