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The DT6 NooN project involves the construction of a group of properties including two buildings with 105 accommodations, 36 of which will be social housing, shops and offices, on a common base including two parking levels. This group is situated in an urban environment peripherally restricted by a boulevard and a railway line. The group of properties includes a first building facing the boulevard with shops on the ground floor, offices on the intermediate floors and accommodation on the upper floors. The second building is destined for housing to purchase. All the accommodation is Low Energy RT 2005, the offices and shops THPE. Cap Ingelec has carried out a complete prime contractor mission for the technical lots, fluids and electricity.

In figures

  • 8 437 m2 of which 845 m2 offices
  • 1 107 m2 of shops
  • 4 124 m2 of properties to purchase
  • 2 360 m2 of social housing