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An offer made to measure

The Industry Business Unit corresponds to a working organization and methodology specially adapted to the demands of industrialists. A single interlocutor accompanies clients in their projects, whether in France or abroad. This logic enables us to undertake more frequent collaborations with clients leading to a better immersion in their business culture. This proximity gives us the ability to take the particular constraints of each dossier into account, thereby offering greater security in the project management, while gaining in reactivity and therefore in competitivity. Industrial issues, quite apart from the nature of manufactured products, often revolve around process.

As Cap Ingelec has a solid anteriority in this area regarding feedback experience, the company has the know-how to transfer technologies from one industry to another. Robotics, which is found in the automobile industry, can thus be adapted to the domain of the food processing industry. Armed with its engineering experience and its unique expertise in the energy, CVC and automatism markets, Cap Ingelec can respond effectively to the inherent equipment adaptation challenges of all industrialists, including that of the food processing industry.

Therefore for Evian, Cap Ingelec succeeded in deploying an operational team on-site, capable of responding to the requirements of a project acknowledged as the biggest investment in the food processing industry in France and in Europe to this day.  

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