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Energy solution architect

The Energy Business Unit accompanies clients in the procedures of energy needs rationalization. Cap Ingelec is a partner wholly independent of energy and equipment suppliers, and masters all renewable energy solutions, recommending the most effective choices economically and in terms of energy. Taking into account the fact that the cheapest energy is that which is not consumed, our Business Unit always works towards optimizing clients' present levels of energy consumption before searching for future external solutions. This critical vision functions together with a detailed knowledge of the main energy issues in the construction, industrial and datacenter fields.  

The Energy Business Unit works in synergy with Cap Ingelec's other business units. It brings new added value, both on the regulatory front as well as in the economic set-up of projects where investment is heavy and which impacts the long term, necessitating technical, judicial and financial engineering of an extremely high standard. This BU is the expert solution for all businesses wishing to rationalize their carbon-free energy plan. It manages the obtaining of energy economy certificates valued in Euros or it can enable the economic set-up of a dossier via a financial portage operation including subsidy research. The key to this is a complex equation combining substantial economies, viable investments and a truly efficient sustainable development drive.

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