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Benefit from the Cap Ingelec solutions contract

Within the framework of a partnership with Atlante Gestion, an AMF-certified Parisian portfolio management company, Cap Ingelec offers a range of financing for its technical services. Following a solvency study, our clients can benefit from an envelope from 0.2M€ to 5M€ for their project piloted by our company. The reimbursement is carried out in the form of finance rental payments over a typical period of 60 - 120 months. This set-up - which differs from a classical lease-purchase arrangement - has three main advantages. Firstly, it is counted as a charge and not as a fixed asset, that is to say an operational expense and not an investment. The operation can therefore be financed at 100%, which 
does not overburden the budget of the project leader. Finally, the dossier is set up in partnership with Atlante Gestion, giving a rapid response.

The advantages of the Cap Ingelec solutions contract:

  • An engineering & production offer with 100% associated financing
  • Finance rental payments counted as charges and not investments
  • A rapid response and dossier follow-up by a single interlocutor