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Our professions

Vincent Chauvin, 43, Agency Manager

"A lively and interesting job"

Attracted by scientific research and its application in everyday life, Vincent remembers a very enriching university background: a Masters in Applied Physics and Electronics at Angers University, Nantes Polytechnic for an engineering diploma and an M.Phil in energy at Nantes Mining School. After six years as a fluids engineer in a study bureau, he was recruited at age 34 to head the newly-created Nantes agency. "Even though I didn't know the company, the decision was easy to make. It happened at the right time for me, with an interesting challenge to accept". It is a role which he summarizes through three essential missions. "We must undertake a commercial organizational role and to develop the activity, then carry out a team management role and run the agency with its diversity of daily challenges." Vincent appreciates the great autonomy he has to carry out the objectives within a business unit organizational framework. "Cap Ingelec's agencies are not profit-making centres in the true sense. They have a networking role and occasionally one of putting their specific expertise at the service of other parts of the company". With four collaborators when he started, Vincent now has ten people under his command today, including the birth of the Brest agency on the way. "That responsibility was attributed to one of my ex-Project Managers through an internal promotion," explains Vincent, who qualifies his career as lively and fascinating. "As an agency manager you combine both the technical and human elements, with your clients but also with your colleagues. Also, each project you are responsible for is a prototype in itself, within a constructive and technologically dynamic system. You call yourself into question every day".

Michèle Bontemps, 46, Agency Assistant

"Helping others to save time"

 Holder of a Secretarial Baccalaureate in Medical-Social Sciences, Michèle has gathered much professional experience, preferring temporary missions to a permanent contract. Her intellectual and geographic mobility have enabled her to know several professional sectors and to practice work similar to that which she now carries out at Cap Ingelec. It was as a temporary employee that she found herself as Assistant at the Aix-en-Provence agency on a 3-month mission. "I was not disorientated and I immediately appreciated the all-round nature of the post. Apart from traditional secretarial work, I have to manage the administration of public tenders and private company consultations, prepare the trips for my collaborators, work with Human Resources at the headquarters to manage the holidays of the agency team, carry out other office tasks, etc." Our icon of temporary work felt in her element and accepted a contract with Cap Ingelec. She has settled in the South-West and does not regret her choice. "A Cap Ingelec agency is like a small company in itself where everyone knows each other and gets on well. The spirit is convivial, very professional but with a family atmosphere". This dynamic works equally well between agencies. "Rather like a social network, we get to know the personnel of other agencies with whom I am in touch regularly for work, but who I have never seen even though I know them well now. The Assistants therefore have an important role which Michèle thus summarizes: "Our role is to make life easier for each collaborator and to save them time so they can be available as much as possible for their clients' projects".

Lauriane Alkurdi, 34, Project Manager

"A high level of expertise"

After a science Baccalaureate and a Two-Year University Diploma in the subject, Lauriane opted for an Engineering training course at the Toulouse INSA institute, a sector of industrial procedures engineering. After her final year internship with Total she worked for five years with a Parisian engineering company. "After the birth of my daughter in 2010 I wanted to return to Toulouse, my home town. The Cap Ingelec Toulouse agency was handling two large datacenter projects and I was hired to work on those dossiers. It was important for me to find a post which was as technical as my previous one, with more of an industrial dimension." A recruitment which was not obvious, however. "I didn't have any skills in HVAC engineering but the company gave me my chance. Regardless of your background and thanks to its size and philosophy, Cap Ingelec is a good choice for applicants with a general technical culture, a good overall view and good adaptability." As a woman in a predominantly masculine area, Lauriane was very well integrated. "I work in a team and I have never had the slightest problem. For the clients, the first contact is probably more important if you are a woman compared to a man. You must create a good technical impression straight away to avoid being catalogued". Lauriane is also on the front line to testify Cap Ingelec's reputation in the area of datacenters. "New clients sometimes use our reputation to put us under more pressure, and we often have to rise to those challenges." Our engineer highlights moreover the degree of overall expertise in the company. "Cap Ingelec has people with a very high level of technical expertise in their fields, and who know how to communicate it. I believe that this is why the company has such a high level of skills"