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Reorganization of the Amphion-les-Bains site

The Evian mineral water bottling plant has been situated in Amphion-les-Bains since the early 1960s and produces 1.5 billion litres per year, which represents 6 million bottles per day. To enable global distribution, the Evian site is also the largest private French rail freight station with more than 150 wagons departing every day. The site has evolved over the past 5 decades to adapt to client demand and to increase its production capacity, but equally to keep in step with technical progress with the appearance of new containers. To keep pace with this ever-changing market, the Danone Group planned to rethink the entire industrial organization of the Amphion-les-bains site by redirecting the flow. This project, named Evian 2015, will result in 25 000 m2 of production plants, 5 000 m2 of storage buildings and 4 000 m2 of administrative buildings under the prime contractorship of Cap Ingelec. This project must be studied and constructed within a very strict time frame, the objective being to commission the new site by December 2015. From January 2016 a second phase will begin with the construction of 32 000 m2 of buildings planned for completion by December 2016.