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DILA: Legal & Administrative Information Management

  • Datacenter

An unusual project near the Eiffel Tower

The DILA carries out legal broadcasting, publishing and information missions. This administrative management center for the Prime Minister's services is responsible for the production of the Journal Officiel in both paper and digital versions. The essential renovation of these installations in the heart of Paris was complex. Cap Ingelec contributed largely to its success. Cap Ingelec's mission focused firstly on the complete restructuring of all production installations and the transformation and supply of electric current. The other component of this project is for a new computing room designed to reliability level Tier 3+ to accommodate the tools of the DILA and their Internet site currently under development, while maintaining the current level of service.

The project in figures

  • Reorganization of 400 m2 of room space up to 800 m2
  • Density 1 600 W/m2
  • Availability TIER 3+
  • Creation of two High/Low voltage positions (3 x 1 250 kVA each)
  • Creation of back-up electric substation 2 x 800 kVA with fugitive connection to the grid
  • High Voltage production 1 MW
  • Cold production by generator type free cooling and cooling water supply connection from CLIMESPACE distributor
  • Works duration: 8 months with uninterrupted site operation