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Bègles High School - KYOTO - HEQ

Bègles High School is a creation spread over several centres: general teaching, the fashion profession, bio-industry, water treatment and medico-social. In addition to the day school, the programme includes a boarding school for 200 pupils, a half-boarding school with kitchen (1300 places), a sports room, a sports plateau and 10 official dwellings. Aquitaine Region wishes to create an environmental showcase, thereby justifying this KYOTO High School construction. This is shown in the environmental procedure culminating in High Environmental Quality certification. Cap Ingelec has designed this building for a zero level energy footprint, following Effinergie conventions. At the heart of the Prime Contractor team (Ersol, High Environmental Quality crew), Cap Ingelec has carried out the principal Prime Contractor mission for the technical lots, the thermal design, the HEQ component, the HEQ follow-up, as well as additional missions regarding fire safety, global cost and inventory checking.