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A strong concentration of know-how

The "Grenoble University Innovation" strategic project is part of "Opération Campus 2025" with the aim of creating one of the top 50 university hubs in the Shanghai classification. Grenoble University has signed a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) as part of a group (GCC group (the agent), the "Amplitude Architectes" centre and "DHA - Architectes Urbanistes") for the the construction of three hubs of thematic excellence: PILSI / EDD / BEeSy, totalling 21 000 m2. The property investment of 70 M€ is the largest in the University sector for more than 30 years (delivery forecast between May 2015 and March 2016). Cap Ingelec is carrying out several prime contractor missions. A Systemic and Environmental Biology hub (BEe-Sy), all the technical lots for this 1 200 m2 building, animal accommodation (A+ and A2) and laboratory sections (L2) are all in Cap Ingelec's hands.

A high-tech Environment and Renewable Energy hub. 

Cap Ingelec is in charge of the technical lots (1) for this 4 500 m2 building, of which 800 m2 will be research laboratories.

Datacenter for Innovation, Software & Intelligent Systems Hub (PILSI): Cap Ingelec will create the 600 m2 datacenter which will be incorporated into the 15 000 m2 PILSI tertiary building.

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