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Compliance upgrade of hospital electrical installations

Toulouse University Teaching Hospital wished to reduce the number of operational maintenance contracts on their two sites (Purpan and Rangueil) and two annexes (La Grave and Hôtel Dieu) to bring about better coherence to subcontractor services. This plan concerned the electricity, heating and cooling. The project aimed to update the electrical distribution of the hospital at Rangueil. The updating operation for these electrical installations at Rangueil is at the heart of Cap Ingelec's expertise. In fact, Cap Ingelec has hardened experience in this field, for which the quality demands regarding deadlines and continuous operation constraints are considerable.

The Project in Figures    

  • 5 MW: target available power from 2015, in two half stations superfluous to the main networks
  • Four 2 250 kVA generators
  • Two independent high voltage loops created
  • High Voltage and High-Low Voltage supply safety, with 9 mirror transformer posts
  • Provision of a power outage management system
  • Initiation of centralized supervision