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The "Domopole" project

Established on the Saint-Gobain Research site at Aubervilliers, DomoLab is located in the 19th bay of this impressive building, refurbished in 1999 by the architects Odile Decq and Benoît Cordette. At 400 metres long, the building is a succession of 19 hangars with traditional wooden structure and twin-slope roofing. Bay 19 is used as a warehouse for the storage of research materials, and was completely renovated from an uninsulated hangar into a Low Energy Building. This mission was the opportunity to use the know-how of Saint-Gobain for the thermal refurbishment. DomoLab is the leading innovation exchange hub between Saint Gobain and the main participants in the complex. An old storage warehouse was also transformed into a Low Energy Building innovation centre. Cap Ingelec was chosen as partial prime contractor for the electricity and fluids technical lots.