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Construction of a new electric power station and reconfiguration of the high voltage loop at Libourne Hospital.

Within the framework of increasing the power supply of the site and also the hospital electrical safety, Libourne Hospital awarded a prime contractor mission to a group comprising Cap Ingelec, CORSENAC Architechture and FONDASOL.

The works concern principally:

  • The construction of a central electric generating block with 3 generators and their associated equipment
  • The burial of two old domestic oil heating vats near the new back-up power block
  • The creation of a new on-site high voltage supply, on the principle of a loop where the starting points come from panels situated in different buildings (6 High and Low Voltage points to serve)
  • Integration of the loop into the architecture of the new back-up power block and preparation for a new ERDF inlet and a possible fourth generator.
  • The installation of an automatic loop reconfiguration system
  • Creation of generating block and HT loop supervision
  • Dismantling of the existing generator station