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Construction of Odyssée High Environmental Quality building

MAAF Insurance, the fifth largest car insurance company and the seventh largest fire, accident and general risk insurer in France, wished to construct a new "Odyssée" building at the site of the headquarters in Niort. It consists of an office block of 8 000 m2 net surface area with High Environmental Quality and Low Energy Building Effinergie certification: a positive energy building (BEPOS). Within the framework of this project, Cap Ingelec was consulted for the physical design of the building: thermal dynamic simulations, construction concept definition with the architect, regulatory thermal calculations, energy performance optimization, but also for the prime contracting mission for the lots: heating, ventilation, cooling (reversible heat pumps, cold beams, double-flow ventilation with free-cooling), strong & weak electrical currents, automatisms, 186 kWc photovoltaic awning installations, glasswork and fixing.