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Replacement of the High and Low Voltage automatisms in the Alicante and Chassagne towers

This operation consists of renovating all obsolete equipment making up the present Technical Electrical Management in the Alicante and Chassagne towers of the Société Générale located at La Défense in Paris. In order to respond to this design and production operation, a temporary business grouping was created as follows: CAP INGELEC, EIFFAGE, ENERGIE IDF. The specific challenges of the mission were: high-rise building and public outlet installations housing around 9 000 persons occupied 24 hours a day, integrating market rooms, continued running of the operational safety conditions of the buildings, use of the Société Générale's own research computing network to carry out communications between equipment, uninterrupted, continuous service provision throughout the 3.5 years of deployment by progressively relocating installations between the old and new supervisory systems, with no possibility to install GE mobiles.