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Data center

A boom in France and abroad

Cap Ingelec's datacenter activity, operational for more than 20 years, has seen exponential growth. Design studies, prime contracting, creation, availability and performance auditing, operational governance or site refurbishment… our engineering firm encompasses all datacenter fields, with a performance requirement which has attracted the world's largest data management businesses. Numerous Telecom giants have put their faith in us for their calculation and research centres. Winners in 2009 of the Label European Code Of Conduct for Datacenter Efficiency, delivered by the European Union for its performance in PUE (power usage effectiveness) improvement, Cap Ingelec was the first French engineering firm to achieve this distinction. This tried, tested and recognized expertise characterizes a dedicated Business Unit which has capitalized upon more than 900 projects, representing the construction of more than 150 000 m2 of datacenters in France. This Business Unit also has a long-term vision to export our know-how internationally.

Official European recognition!

Cap Ingelec is the first French engineering firm approved by the European Commission for "Energy performance of Datacenters". This label was created in collaboration with the professionals of the sector to promote datacenter performance standards. Datacenter owners have committed to adhere to an eco-energy code of practice, validated by measures and an annual energy consumption report. Engineering firms, for their part, have committed to developing technical solutions enabling datacenter operators to attain these energy performance objectives. This is a salutary initiative due to the urgent environmental situation (1sqm of a computing centre consumes the annual energy equivalent of 3 houses), and it is expensive for businesses (datacenter energy costs return on their investment in 6 years). Cap Ingelec's engineers have developed innovative solutions worthy of their European Commission energy performance label.

Cap Ingelec is also an accredited Tier Designer!

Cap Ingelec has acquired new expertise as an accredited Tier Designer collaborator. This accreditation, attributed by The Uptime Institute following a three-day training course enables the attestation of the knowledge and mastery of design recommendations formulated by this world-renowned organization in the field of Datacenters. What is the Uptime Institute?  It is a consortium of companies created in 1993 with the aim of maximizing the efficiency of data treatment centers. It is particularly well-known for having defined the widely-used term "Tier" for datacenters.

Professional Data center Networks

Cap Ingelec has created the CAP DC brand name to extend its datacenter activity internationally.
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