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A comprehensive solution

Cap Ingelec covers all construction, layout, planning and infrastructure activities. Our know-how encompasses prime contractor services in all engineering and production trades, together with all the specialist technical domains involved in its missions: structures, VRD (roads system and urban public utilities), fluids and electricity, construction economy and OPC (scheduling, steering & co-coordinating). The company can count a wide range of achievements to its name: tertiary construction, hospitals, accommodation, teaching, commerce, sport, culture, etc. Additionally, it has a solid energy efficiency know-how.   

Cap Ingelec's Construction Business Unit system provides two major advantages for our clients. In terms of structure, it gives us the means to pool and share our competences and expertise in order to respond effectively and harmoniously with any project. Cap Ingelec's individual market expertise takes account of the specific challenges of each project site, for example the construction of a laboratory does not imply the same constraints and specificities as those related to the creation of an EHPAD (nursing homes & day care centres) or those of a residential zone. The Construction Business Unit enables us to establish a global offer, thereby ensuring that the organization, management and commercial activity are adapted to existing market needs and demands. Decision-makers will therefore find in this Business Unit an "ad hoc" structure, with the ability to respond to all of their expectations, whether technically or in project management, while not omitting the financial dimension.

Cap Ingelec today has the capacity to propose investment solutions in parallel with its technical and energy solutions, within the framework of a global solutions sales offer.

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SECATH - The SECATH department of CAP INGELEC specializes in luxury operations, boutique brands, private mansions for large fortunes and prestige 5-star hotels. Specialized in fluids and eletricity SECATH works with a large number of luxury brands in France and abroad.