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Energy performance

Tangible and sustainable results

Cap Ingelec proposes a global Prime Contractor offer in Engineering and Production. Its made-to-measure services are founded on a long-standing expertise in energy efficiency deployed in all the sectors of activity: industry, construction, energy and datacenters. This energy performance culture dating from the 1990s is instilled in all of our projects, and is shown in the bioclimatic design through to the choice of equipment. By associating energy performance with sustainable energy production, Cap Ingelec contributes to consuming less while improving production. Thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, geothermal, biogas, biomass, hydraulic… thanks to its engineers with more than 20 years' experience in the field, Cap Ingelec can take into account all of the technical, economic and environmental parameters to propose the solution best adapted to your project, completely independently and in the sole interests of the client. This rational approach to energy performance enables the company to find solutions to drastically cut down energy consumption in existing high-use structures such as datacenters. It also provides us with the means to design and carry out the construction of energy-passive buildings. These performances are initiated in partial collaboration with the Cap Ingelec Energy Business Unit, putting human and technological skills to the forefront. Cap Ingelec also has the most recent fluid simulation and thermal dynamic software (Flovent, Pleiade, Revit, etc).

 Cap Ingelec has engineers trained in high environmental quality, able to act in any mission: audit, design and production, building estate refurbishment, "zero energy consumption" construction of public buildings, B to B estates (offices, datacenters, warehouses) etc… Our pragmatic approach to High Environmental Quality is based on multi-criteria analyses including energy performance and renewable energy, and materializes by the recommendation of effective, tangible and lasting solutions. Cap Ingelec is also notably part of the Ersol architect study bureau which won the prime contractor contest for the construction of an 18 000m2 High Environmental Quality secondary school (net surface area). Cap Ingelec has integrated energy performance in its services for more than 10 years. The company therefore is well-placed to respond to the challenges of sustainable development and global operational cost optimization.

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