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Chairman's Editorial

Cap Ingelec is today one of the ten biggest French technical engineering companies. As a medium-sized firm, our structure has seen constant evolution since its creation in 1992. In the space of 25 years we have progressed from a regional study bureau to a national company open to international business.

In addition to our 9 French offices, the number of which continues to grow, we today export our know-how to French-speaking Africa. In the near future we plan to develop our activity in Switzerland, Italy, Spain and in other European countries.

At the same time, we are intensifying our engineering and research markets to offer global solutions through our four Business Units : Industry, Construction, Energy and Datacenters. This style of organization has already proven itself through large-scale projects carried out for the most prestigious clients.

Our objective is to attain a turnover of 100 M Euros within ten years, 60% of this in engineering and production. By that time, although the Calès family name will continue to head our group, perhaps the director's first name will have changed! Besides, our upcoming project developments will soon include external niche markets, like pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratory engineering projects. This boom, announced and pre-planned, will require the integration of new collaborators. To this end, from autumn 2015 we are inaugurating the first "Cap Formation" student training group. These are young qualified engineers who will benefit from a programme of personalized accompaniment geared towards training our future Project Managers. Thanks to its ability to adapt and to constantly innovate, Cap Ingelec justifies the confidence of its ever-increasing client base, and of the ever more ambitious projects to which it is entrusted.

Welcome to the world of Cap Ingelec, committed engineering!

Jean Paul CALES - Président