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Advice from ETI bosses to Manuel Valls

On 23 07 2015

Aquitaine – JDE Edition
Advice from ETI bosses to Manuel Valls
Added on 23rd July 2015

The Aquitaine ETI club met with the Prime Minister on 23rd July at the premises of CEVA Animal Health in Libourne… with some propositions to make to him.

Manuel Valls listens to the bosses. The Prime Minister was in Libourne on 23rd July to hear the bosses of the ETI (Medium-Sized Companies), the business category from 250 to 4 999 employees which is doing so badly in France. "The intermediate companies are more involved with the territory and are more socially responsible. The strategic importance is to develop them", considers Monsieur Valls. It was with this same spirit that the Aquitaine ETI Club was created in 2012. Several of its members questioned the Prime Minister on subjects such as the innovation, the financing and the internationalization of their companies.

Laurence Jacquot, Industry Director at Lectra, the world leader in textile cutting (211 M Euros turnover with 1 500 employees) reiterated the qualities that company bosses attribute to Research Tax Credits, while adding three demands: "a duration of 5 years to ensure fiscal stability", "expansion to the industrialization of products and services, as well as the implementation of new and innovative organizations", and "an increase for medium-sized companies who create jobs in France".

Inheritance rights in question. For Jean-Paul Calès, director of the engineering firm Cap Ingelec (40M Euros turnover, 250 employees), "we must face the challenge of financing the medium-sized companies". Monsieur Calès came with three propositions: "no taxation at the time of succession if the family retains its share for 10 years", "provide a framework for acting holdings", and "ensure that collaborators who took shares in a small-medium-sized company which has seen good growth are not liable to fortune tax". Jean-François Cledel, president of the engineering firm Ingeliance (32 M Euros turnover, 490 employees) recommended for his part that medium-sized companies, along with small-medium sized companies, could ask for the reimbursement of unused tax credits from the following year, and not in 4 years as is presently the case. M. Cledel, who is also president of Medef Gironde, has done his sums: "that would represent 500 M Euros in the state treasury". Safeguard companies which go international. Finally, Xavier Narbonne, General Manager of Ventana Aerospace (51.3 M Euros turnover, 420 employees) brought up the subject of human resources and Marc Prikazsky, Managing Director of CEVA Animal Health (770 M Euros, 3 750 employees) evoked the internationalization of medium-sized firms. "We must safeguard companies which go in search of foreign markets", says M. Prikazsky. Manuel Valls, who did not come to make a speech but rather to expand his reflection, responded that he was "attentive to what has been said regarding taxation" and that he remained "attentive regarding the subject of fortune tax". The Prime Minister also reiterated that "the government continually supports business" citing notably the Tax Credits for Employment and Competitivity, the setting up of BPI France and Business France.

Yann Buanec.