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"Cap Ingelec reveals its slogan and launches its new Internet site"

On 02 07 2015

Communiqué de Presse

"Cap Ingelec reveals its slogan and launches its new Internet site".

In Bordeaux on 2nd July – Within the framework of its commercial development strategy, Cap Ingelec 
intensifies its communication, reinforces its brand image and reputation and equips itself with communication tools at the height of its ambitions.

This time round, the company did a substantial job with the communication agency "Territoires & Co" in Bordeaux, to define its new market area. Carried out in conjunction with business collaborators and a panel of clients and partners, this operation enabled the firm to redefine its market vision, a promise and an ambition centred around the slogan, "CAP INGELEC, Committed Engineering". This slogan communicates the firm's values, which are founded on a client culture, team spirit and the pursuit of excellence which are everyday objectives for the 300 – strong team. Moreover, the firm's logo has changed to integrate the dimension of "Engineering & Production" which formally expresses the firm's position as provider of all-inclusive solutions to clients, rather than simply a technical study bureau.

New web site

A redesigned site to serve the new brand image! Clearer, simpler and using current design modes, the new Cap Ingelec site intends to be the flag-bearer of this new positioning reaffirming the company's growth ambitions. Now available in Responsive Web Design, it enables the user to browse using any device: computer, tablet, Smartphone… Discover the brand new web site now:


An engineering firm of national dimensions and an independent medium-sized company armed with 25 years experience and a solid technical expertise, CAP INGELEC acts in its principal areas of predilection: Construction-Industry-Energy-Datacenters.
Relying on a culture of commitment and renowned project management, its mission is to bring global engineering and production solutions, adapted to client demands and bringing them the guarantee of a single, reliable interlocutor. Today centering around complex, large-scale projects, CAP INGELEC is now expanding to the international market to export its know-how and to size up sustained growth in the years to come.