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Our professions

Vincent Chauvin, 43, Agency Manager

"A lively and interesting job"

Attracted by scientific research and its application in everyday life, Vincent remembers a very enriching university background: a Masters in Applied Physics and Electronics at Angers University, Nantes Polytechnic for an engineering diploma and an M.Phil in energy at Nantes Mining School. After six years as a fluids engineer in a study bureau, he was recruited at age 34 to head the newly-created Nantes agency. "Even though I didn't know the company, the decision was easy to make. It happened at the right time for me, with an interesting challenge to accept". It is a role which he summarizes through three essential missions. "We must undertake a commercial organizational role and to develop the activity, then carry out a team management role and run the agency with its diversity of daily challenges." Vincent appreciates the great autonomy he has to carry out the objectives within a business unit organizational framework. "Cap Ingelec's agencies are not profit-making centres in the true sense. They have a networking role and occasionally one of putting their specific expertise at the service of other parts of the company". With four collaborators when he started, Vincent now has ten people under his command today, including the birth of the Brest agency on the way. "That responsibility was attributed to one of my ex-Project Managers through an internal promotion," explains Vincent, who qualifies his career as lively and fascinating. "As an agency manager you combine both the technical and human elements, with your clients but also with your colleagues. Also, each project you are responsible for is a prototype in itself, within a constructive and technologically dynamic system. You call yourself into question every day".