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A message from HRD

Anne Proust
Human Resources Manager at Cap Ingelec
"Values, assets and perspectives"

Human Resources Manager at Cap Ingelec, Anne Proust outlines the company's recruitment philosophy, the profile required for potential collaborators and the internal promotion perspectives offered by the company.

What is Cap Ingelec's recruitment philosophy?

Cap Ingelec has grown continually and has recruited since its creation in 1992, and it will continue to do so in the years to come. We are looking for people who combine talent and personality, from the young graduate to the most experienced collaborator. The upcoming posts revolve around the careers of Project Manager, Study Bureau Technician but also Works Supervisor, to name just a few. More generally, we study a candidate's notable and significant experience. Our company structure, with our headquarters in the Bordeaux region and ten agencies close to our clients all over France, offers several options for those wishing to join us. The rise of Cap Ingelec is centred around certain key-words which outline our philosophy and what we would expect from our future team members: adaptation, flexibility and reactivity on the one hand, and technical expertise, know-how and professional rigour on the other. These qualities are essential for those wishing to succeed in an ever-changing professional environment, from the MOP Public Contracting law to the use of 3D software to model construction data (BIM).

What are the values and assets of Cap Ingelec that attract candidates?

It is often our employees themselves who can best explain them, with regard to their experience at Cap Ingelec. On this subject, one can read the views of an Agency Manager, a Project Manager for Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning, a Project Manager for All Trades & Professions, a Technical Designer / Draughtsman or an Agency Assistant in our "testimony" section. To summarize, I would say that the Cap Ingelec's status of Medium-Sized Company enables us to compete well with the biggest players in our four principal domains of expertise (industry, construction, energy and datacenters) and to preserve the strong human dimension inherent in the DNA of the company, inspired by its Founder-President Jean-Paul Calès. Clearly, the wellbeing of everyone is taken care of in an organization which is flexible, not too hierarchical, and based on a strong technical hub. As important as quality, Cap Ingelec has integrated      Corporate Social Responsibility since its creation. It devotes special attention to this dimension of company life. We believe that one works better if one is offered a healthy framework, conditions and atmosphere which are convivial for our teams. Individual wellbeing shapes the overall success of the company. 

What promotional opportunities can Cap Ingelec offer to its collaborators ?

Our young graduates benefit from a real technical accompaniment which allows them to acquire the essential know-how in the field. They are quickly assigned to projects, which is professionally very stimulating. The more experienced Project Managers can then be put in charge of an agency, as our development policy foresees more agencies opening in the future. Our first foreign establishments will soon see the light of day, which will provide opportunities for long-term missions and foreign experience. Lastly, we will be implementing our know-how in new domains of activity where responsible positions will be available. In a company like ours which has seen continuous growth for 25 years, we make sure that everyone finds their best place.

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