Matthieu CALES, Managing Director, and Franck Vialar, Deputy Managing Director, talk about the training programme for young engineers in 2023.

Because the talents of tomorrow will perpetuate our know-how, we have initiated an incubator for young engineers from our partnerships with major schools. In 2015, we developed a unique internal training programme. The aim of this incubator is twofold: to give them the keys to a better understanding of our businesses, and to help them become imbued with the practices and values of our company.

Each new recruit benefits from tailor-made training (3 sessions spread over the year) geared towards developing skills and acquiring the fundamentals. For better integration, an experienced employee accompanies the young graduate throughout the course. Fully immersed in the business world, this training is a real added value for our future engineers in terms of know-how, learning and integration. It is also a lever for development and loyalty, which supports our ambitions and our values.