Cap Ingelec Hungary signs a partnership with IN-EX

Following the creation of its local subsidiary, Cap Ingelec has retained its Hungarian partner IN-EX for the architectural lots. On April 7th 2023, our teams went to Budapest to sign the partnership. Another step in the territorial anchoring of our projects in Hungary.

IN-EX is a local architectural studio that has already worked on international projects. Under the responsibility of CAP INGELEC, Designer and Developer of two large-scale industrial programmes in Hungary, our partner IN-EX will file the Building Permits with the competent authorities. It will also be responsible for the design of the building, its regulatory compliance and its landscaping. In addition, CAP CR* will provide all its expertise and know-how to design and build the clean and grey utilities as well as all the specific interior fittings of the White Rooms and the integration of the industrial process.

* CAP CR is the dedicated brand of CAP INGELEC for “turnkey” project activities in the “controlled environment” industrial sectors, such as Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Fine Chemicals, Microelectronics etc…

IN-EX and Cap Ingelec teams – Hervé Bottais (DGA), Jean-Philippe Cottel (Cleanrooms Strategic Activity Director), Sébastien Recek and Julien Callot (TCE Project Managers)
Péter Kramer, Managing Director and Founder Partner of IN-EX and Balázs MÁRIALIGETI, Managing Director of Cap Ingelec Hungary