Taking part in DUODAY 2023

On Thursday 23 November 2023, CAP INGELEC took part for the 1st time in the DuoDay operation. This was a one-day opportunity for volunteer employees to showcase their profession and working environment to a person with a disability.

A time for sharing and discovery: Extended nationwide in 2018 by the Secretary of State for People with Disabilities, the aim of this day is to give people with disabilities the opportunity to discover a particular profession as a duo, or to create a vocation.
On the programme for the day: discovering the job, active participation, immersion, creating vocations, creating opportunities for future collaborations, overcoming prejudices, changing the way people look at disability, etc.

On this occasion, and as part of its disability policy, Cap Ingelec was able to form a first “Duo” at the Paris office with Sixtine Garnier, BIM coordinator.

The action brings together several objectives:

✅ Bringing together people with disabilities, support providers and companies
✅ Contributing to a more inclusive society in terms of employment
✅ Discovering the assets and professional qualities of disabled workers
✅ Helping people to realise their career plans

The 2023 event was held during the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities from 20 to 24 November.
It is a key opportunity to get involved in supporting people with disabilities, thanks to professional pairings in all sectors of activity.

For more information: https://www.duoday.fr/