Press release

13th February 2024, Mérignac (FR)

Strong growth and an ambitious recruitment plan

in France and Europe for CAP INGELEC in 2024

With a plan to recruit around 150 new employees by 2024, the engineering and construction company CAP INGELEC is showing strong, controlled growth momentum. To support this growth, the company is making Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QLWC) a key performance driver. Franck Vialar, Deputy Managing Director, provides an update. Cap Ingelec’s credo is that “there can be no sustainable performance without listening to employees”. The company has conducted a wide-ranging internal survey on the Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QLWC). The aim was to assess the organisation of work and the social climate in a context of change management and growth. It must be said that this ETI is experiencing accelerated growth, with consolidated sales of €250 million in 2023 (compared with €162 million in 2022) and a forecast of €300 million in 2024.

Cap Ingelec currently employs 550 people and has been recruiting at an accelerated pace for the past 3 years: 120 positions have been filled in 2023 (of which 1/3 through co-optation), and 150 new employees are expected to join the company to support its strong development in France and abroad. After two external growth operations in 2022, Cap Ingelec is counting on its organic growth, based on the territories already covered by its establishments in France and Europe. “The geographical expansion underway, from Spain to Hungary, via Greece, Italy and Portugal, is one of the levers identified to overcome the difficulties in recruiting for sought-after technical profiles, and an asset for promoting mobility and career plans,” emphasises Franck Vialar, Deputy Managing Director.

“We are at a crossroads, and we need the commitment of all our employees to support this growth. Far from being opposites, the well-being of employees often goes hand in hand with the good health of a company. QWL is now recognised as a strategic lever for recruiting and retaining employees, but also for differentiation in a complex and volatile environment. It also helps to strengthen employee commitment and stimulate innovation,” says Franck Vialar.

To support its growth strategy, Cap Ingelec conducted an anonymous survey to gauge the views of its teams on management, training, and work-life balance. No less than 70% of employees responded to the survey, confirming the high level of internal mobilisation. The survey revealed that 95% of employees feel that their managers are benevolent and 96% feel fully in tune with Cap Ingelec’s values.

A large majority of employees (94.6%) feel that the jobs they do and the tasks they perform are meaningful, and most feel that they are making a positive contribution to the Group’s growth. Finally, more than 80% feel they have a good work-life balance, even if the workload is sometimes heavy. “To meet the challenges ahead, we will need to pursue our policy of continuous improvement in training and encourage the transmission of technical know-how to the next generation. That said, these results show that a company can prosper by involving its employees in its growth dynamic,” admits Franck Vialar.

“We know that nothing can be taken for granted, but a lot of the signals are green and the areas for improvement are being addressed so that we can move forward! In order to stay in touch with what’s happening on the ground, and not just be satisfied with the results of surveys, management plans to increase the number of trips we make to stay in touch with the teams in our branches and on our sites, so that we can develop our business model based on listening, common sense and continuous improvement.”

As proof of its commitment, last November Cap Ingelec won the “Commitment at the heart of our strategy” prize and the “Coup de cœur” prize in the Mieux Vivre en Entreprise awards for its actions to improve the quality of life and working conditions within the company. Created at the initiative of the Rh&M Group, the Trophée Mieux Vivre en Entreprise is designed to recognise and reward companies that are committed to implementing a participative strategy for sustainable well-being within the company. Through their speeches during the ceremony, the directors were able to touch the audience and win the “Coup de Cœur” award.

Faithful to its values and its culture based on technology, collaborative working and customer service, its new roadmap aims to consolidate growth and quality of life at work. Its objective is to develop a multi-faceted performance that embraces all dimensions (technical, human, financial, shareholder, environmental and societal). Within the next two years, consolidated sales should reach 400 million euros, with around 700 employees.

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Finally, to support its HR dynamic, Cap Ingelec has decided to set up a training campus, to be located on its historic site in Saint-Jean-d’Illac. The project, which began in 2023, should be structured over the course of 2024, and will see the light of day in 2025 with the launch of the first training courses. The campus will also be an incubator for companies that share our values, to build bridges and create a community.