A look back at the Steering Committee

A look back at the Steering Committee
12th and 13th October 2023

On the 12th and 13th of October, the members of Cap Ingelec’s Steering Committee (COPIL) met at the Relais Margaux (33) to review the progress of the strategic plan and discuss the outlook for current and future projects. This was an important moment, which enabled the Executive Committee to present the quantified results of the actions carried out over the last 2 years to the company’s management teams.

▶️ The programme for this meeting includes:

  • Introduction and progress on the 2021-2026 strategic plan.
  • Review of our strengths and future challenges (HR, Purchasing, Quality, Finance, Organisation, Innovation, etc.)
  • Realignment of our teams around our vital drive: technology
  • Presentation of the new CAP PERF’ project to improve our operational performance
  • Focus on our major projects.

🎯 The aim of this steering committee meeting was twofold: to take stock of what has been achieved since the launch of the “Serenity Build” strategic plan, and to set new targets for 2024.

Thanks to rich and constructive exchanges, we were able to review our current and future work throughout the seminar. A positive outcome and a dynamic that is developing thanks to a high-calibre team! We would like to thank Christian CLOT, explorer and founder of the Human Adaptation Institute, for his captivating and enriching talk on the theme of “Leadership in a changing world”.

Speech by Matthieu CALES, Managing Director

Meeting at Château du Relais Margaux (33)

Speech by Franck VIALAR, Deputy Managing Director

Speech by Hervé BOTTAIS and Benoit PARISSE

Speech by Christian CLOT, Explorer and researcher

The team visit Château KIRWAN in Margaux