Cap Ingelec is committed to the Bordeaux-based start-up MOON!

Founded in 2017 by Thomas Samuel, MOON is a French social company that designs, develops and markets innovative energy and digital solutions for the inclusive development of rural communities in Africa.

Moon’s mission is to bring energy, digital and financial inclusivity to residents who cannot aspire to a centralized electricity supply. To achieve this, MOON distributes adapted and value-creating products and services, such as its solar home or productive kits. They also design innovative electrification programs with public and private actors to ensure universal access to essential services for rural communities.

MOON is a unique innovation that addresses three major barriers to development.

  • Energy inclusion: MOON offers a prepaid energy service through a range of individual solar kits for lighting and productive uses.
  • Digital inclusion: the MOON phones offered to solar kit beneficiaries allow access to value-generating applications (health, education, agriculture, etc.)
  • Financial inclusion: the digital payment tools in the kit allow an initiation to digital payment, which is very developed in Africa but little used in rural areas.

Cap Ingelec is proud to accompany this company in its development and to help it achieve its objective: to bring the benefits of solar and digital energy to millions of households in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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