Cap Ingelec joins the sponsorship adventure of the Institute of Rhythmology and Cardiac Modelling “Liryc”

Cap Ingelec supports the Institute of Cardiac Rhythmology and Modelling “Liryc”, by contributing to the financing of research and training projects. This Bordeaux-based institute aims to better understand and treat the electrical dysfunctions of the heart, which are at the root of many cardiovascular diseases, thanks to one of the most ambitious programmes in the world in cardiac rhythmology.

Supporting Liryc is crucial, as heart rhythm diseases are responsible for 50,000 sudden deaths per year in France. Faced with all these lives shattered every day, and the suffering of patients and their families, it is urgent. This type of project is totally in line with our vocation to support actions in the fields of social and professional integration, health improvement and well-being.

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