Interview with Franck Vialar, Deputy Managing Director of Cap Ingelec

Can you introduce yourself and remind us of your background?

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Law and began my career with the Eurelec Entreprises Group, which was bought by SPIE Batignolles two years later. Since leaving law school, I have been immersed in the world of construction, takeovers and company audits. I joined Cap Ingelec 16 years ago to create its legal department, define its insurance programme and answer the questions of its employees. I also wanted to be involved in the files upstream of the execution of the work. Jean-Paul Calès placed his trust in me and I was therefore able to broaden the scope of my skills and enter into the workings of the Group, beyond legal matters. I am now a member of the Governance Board and the Management Committee, but also Deputy Managing Director, in charge of support functions.

You manage the support functions, can you explain their role in the company?

The “support functions”, i.e. accounting, communication, legal, purchasing, quality, safety, etc., as the name suggests, support our overall activity in both the Offering and Delivery areas. These functions are essential to enable all our employees to work efficiently and coherently to contribute to the satisfaction of our end customers. They secure the proper functioning and economic performance of the company from an accounting, financial and legal point of view. Through my management, I try to encourage changes in our methods in order to gain in efficiency, and to allow each person to diversify his or her missions by emphasising his or her autonomy and the responsibility of his or her tasks. At Cap Ingelec, the support services represent 42 people, and recruitments are underway to accompany our growth. This is why a large part of the teams will be moving to Mérignac in 2022, to new offices that will encourage exchanges, quality of work and cross-functional services to cover all our agencies.

What are the trends and prospects for Cap Ingelec?

For almost 30 years, Cap Ingelec has been building up from project to project. The design office has become an engineering company that builds and carries out technical works with high added value. As a dynamic national ETI, we must remain opportunistic in our value engineering and progress in the execution of our turnkey projects. I believe it is important to ensure that each of us continues to take pride in the Company we work for, in line with our personal values, and for the common success of all. We will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the company on 16 December, all together.