Matthieu Calès, Chairman and CEO of Cap Ingelec, was interviewed by Patrice Bégay on the BFM Business programme PariEti.

On Wednesday 29 May, Matthieu Calès, Chairman and CEO of Cap Ingelec, appeared on the BFM Business programme #PariEti with Patrice Bégay.

In this interview, he talked about the keys to Cap Ingelec’s success: ‘We have been able to combine the two facets of the business of designing and building industrial facilities to offer a turnkey solution to our industrial customers, by understanding their needs, by being close to them, by being that missing link’. He then went on to talk about the company’s recruitment ambitions for the coming year, and about career support for employees through the creation of a training campus: ‘We have a major recruitment plan for around a hundred people next year. We need to make employees want to come and work for a company like Cap Ingelec by integrating and training them. So this year I launched a project called ‘The Campus’, which will be located at the company’s historic headquarters in Saint-Jean-D’Illac, to help all Cap Ingelec employees learn and develop their skills’.

He also stressed the importance of ETIs (intermediate-sized companies) in the economic network of the region, taking into account the challenges of sustainable development: ‘Family-run ETIs have a long-term vision of the development of the regions in which they are involved, and sustainable development is necessarily a guideline for a company that wishes to have a long-term vision’.

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