Press release

29/04/2024, Mérignac, France

The evolution of Cap DC

In 2015, Jean-Paul Calès (at the time President of CAP INGELEC) and Olivier Labbé have co-founded the company Cap DC, in order to support the international growth of CAP INGELEC group in the Datacenter market. The strategic plan adopted covered the geographies of Southern Europe and French-speaking Africa.

The deployment in Southern Europe had been successful, and now represents nearly 25% of the group’s turnover, in major countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and more recently Greece.

The deployment in Africa had proven to be slower, with the only very recent rising of local colocation players and the use of contractual models still far from design&build, which is now the approach favored by the group.

Finally, CAP INGELEC’s strategy is no longer limited to the Datacenter market and increasingly addresses the design and construction of industrial buildings, high-tech industries, clean rooms, agro-food factories and their critical utilities (water, HV, energy).

At the start of 2024, Matthieu Calès and Olivier Labbé are therefore announcing a new strategic shift.

European Cap DC subsidiaries become direct entities of CAP INGELEC, in order to enable development across the group’s entire portfolio.

A spin-off from Cap DC is created, named Via DC, to take over the technical consulting expertise for the development of Datacenter projects in Europe. This company will be outside the CAP INGELEC group.

Finally, Cap INGELEC sells its shares in African Cap DC entities to a new French structure, BLUESUN AFRICA, owned by Olivier Labbé and 2 European engineering firms specializing in the Datacenter.

CAP INGELEC thus displays its ambition to continue its growth specifically in Europe on the industrial turnkey markets, already firmly established in France and Spain. With Via DC and BLUESUN DC, Olivier Labbé takes over several activities of Cap DC, which independently will be able to collaborate with CAP INGELEC on the Datacenter market.