Visit to the Vicky Foods construction site

    Work on the Vicky Foods plant, which specialises in the industrial production of bread, Viennese pastries and cakes, is progressing rapidly on the SaôneOr industrial estate.

    Vicky Foods is currently constructing a building on a 142,900 m² site. This turnkey project, carried out by Cap Ingelec, comprises a 2,779 m² finished goods storage area, a 14,442 m² production area and 2,478 m² of offices. With the mezzanines and the raw materials storage area, the total surface area will reach 26,000 m².

    👷🏽 Site progress:
    ✅ 140,000 m² of soil have been disturbed and more than 40,000 m3 of excavation and backfilling have been carried out.
    ✅ All of the project’s foundations have been laid.
    ✅ 1/3 of the production building has been erected using a metal framework (large metal beams spanning 55 m and 17 m high, with no intermediate columns), covered and shored.
    ✅ The steel structure of the raw materials building is complete.
    ✅ An average of 80 people on site to complete the works.

    The Production and Raw Materials building should be ready by the end of March 2024, with delivery of the entire site in June 2024.

    We would like to thank all the teams involved in this project, which is supported by our Strategic Activity Domain Agri-food, Wines & Spirits, and the guests who attended the site visit organised on Monday 18 September: Sébastien Martin (President of Grand Chalon, Vincent BERGERET (Vice-President of Grand Chalon and President of L’ELAN CHALON BASKET), Guillaume THIEBAUT (Mayor of Virey-le Grand), Stéphanie Pelletier (Chief of Staff of Grand Chalon), Eric Martin (Industry and Food Director Cap Ingelec), Christophe Chlon (Industry Projects Director Cap Ingelec), Marceau André (TCE Projects Engineer Cap Ingelec).